New Adventures:  Metro Stop Sunday

New Adventures: Metro Stop Sunday

Washington D.C. Metro

My husband and I are from a small midwestern town.  I went to college in southern Missouri, and then attended graduate school in Nebraska.  When the call came for us to move to the D.C. area, I was sad to leave our Midwestern family and friends (and friends that became family) but I was thrilled to live in an actual city.  

During our initial apartment search, I was adamant that I wanted to live within close proximity to a metro station. When it was time to find a place to purchase, we were both in agreement that location would be key. With all the emphasis on location and proximity, one might think that we would be taking full advantage of public transportation and exploring new sights on a regular basis, but you would be wrong.

To be fair, the metro hasn't exactly had the best reputation since we've lived here.  There was the tragic death when a metro rail unexpectedly filled with smoke, and then there have been so many consistent malfunctions and ongoing safety concerns that a "Safetrack" plan was initiated to squeeze three years of rehabilitation work into one year.  The Metro Safetrack plan encouraged riders to find alternative means of transportation due to anticipated significant crowding and delays.

So have we been discouraged by delays or concerned for our safety?  No.  

We have simply fallen into old routines.  Sure... we explored,  but more often than that we've been creatures of habit.  My husband's job takes him away for long and unpredictable stints of time. When he returns he enjoys being home, as in, inside our physical house.  I enjoy seeing new things, but with so many options I find myself feeling a bit overwhelmed by the selection, and decide that "the usual" sounds pretty good to me too. 

New Adventures 

It is time to shake things up!  We are here by implementing a new little challenge for ourselves to break out of our comfort zone and to get to know our city better.  I visited the Washington Metro website and printed out the list of the 91 metro stations and cut each into an individual strip.  My husband is more well-versed in the area, so he was granted veto power and pulled several stops from the mix.  Our plan is to draw from our "Place To Go" container on Friday, do a little research that evening, and then hop on the metro on either Saturday or Sunday for however long it takes to make it to our final destination, and then see what there is to see!  

I'm really looking forward to it!  Next time my sister-in-law and family members visit, we'll have so many additional suggestions to provide.  If you live in the D.C. area, let me know what your favorite area is, and why!  I'll keep you updated on where we go and what we learn!

If you don't follow me here, I'll leave you with this:

Sometimes it freaks me out how much my dog is like me. She absolutely hates the snow (and really any inclement weather).  I thought I would snap a few photos of our one and only decent snow storm on our evening walk, but she was pulling the leash to get home like she was fighting for first place in the last stretch of the Iditarod.  I hope you enjoyed the snow (if you got any).  Now bring on spring!


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