Special Delivery:  SprezzaBox + 10% Discount

Special Delivery: SprezzaBox + 10% Discount


My husband and I are big fans of the trendy monthly deliverable subscriptions. We are currently subscribed to six monthly delivery packages, but today I'll be sharing a little review on our newest addition, the SprezzaBox


When my husband and I moved to the D.C. area, we toured about 20 apartments in a single weekend.  The apartment tour guides' choice of friendly banter quickly became a joke between he and I. They always first looked at him and asked, "Are you moving here for your job?"  We were... but their gender-specific assumption began to annoy me by about the 10th consecutive tour.  They would then almost always turn to me and say, "There is such great shopping around here!"

I have a genuinely fantastic valley girl voice that I considered laying on thick with a heavily sarcastic response but opted instead to share that my husband was the shopper in the family and that he would likely appreciate their suggestions.  It's true, the guy likes to shop, and he has legitimately good taste

(ahem, expensive taste). 

While I hate shopping for myself, I love shopping for him.  It's easy because everything looks amazing on him. While being aware of his high-end taste, I was nervous to pull the trigger on an idea that I had for one of his Christmas presents, the $28/per month SprezzaBox.  The monthly subscription typically includes: a tie, socks, a pocket square, random knick knacks and grooming supplies of some sort.  All this for $28?  I was definitely skeptical of the quality, but I threw caution to the wind and ripped open The Essex  when his December delivery arrived (and then later re-wrapped it).   

(Picture Source)

(Picture Source)


He and I were both huge fans of the Knots Apparel Co. Speckled Tie.  I'm a skeptic at heart, so I had to look up the individual products online to see if they were really priced what the SprezzaBox claimed. They were indeed. The cute speckled tie is currently on sale for $38 ($75 originally).  I was even more impressed when I saw that the company donates 50% of their profit to local charities.  How awesome is that?  

He wears suits for work on a regular basis but hasn't ever rocked a pocket square.  I don't think it will be long before I see a hint of colorful Salt & Dapper fabric popping out of his pocket on a date night, though.  However, to think again, the bandana style might be a bit too close to home for our Midwestern roots.  His grandfather is a farmer in Missouri, and I just imagined the expression on his face if he knew that the bandana in his grandson's breast pocket was actually a shrunken adorable faux bandana serving no utility other than fashion.  

My hub has been a fan of the colorful sock trend this year, so I know he's looking forward to future SprezzaBox deliveries.  That being said, he definitely did not turn his nose up on the thick boot sock from Four Fifty Five, a Canadian-based company.  I like to steal his socks, so these might not be safe for long.  

The other knick knacks were fun additions.  My husband is a guy who uses a folding board to fold his t-shirts, so I wasn't surprised when his headphones were neatly wrapped in his new Kiko Leather strap within the hour.  He tucked the SPREZZA credit card multi-tool in his wallet for the next time he needs to Macgyver out of a situation, and my bet is that he'll find good use for that flask as well.

All and all, we were both impressed!  It doesn't hurt that he really loves presents and surprises, so a monthly surprise present full of clothes and organizational tools was a definite win.

He rocked his new tie on NYE, and I rocked the same dress I wore last NYE. 

He rocked his new tie on NYE, and I rocked the same dress I wore last NYE. 

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