Three Homes in Six Years


We've Bought Three Houses in Six Years.

House Number One. I graduated college a few weeks before my 21st birthday, and a few days after turning 21, I moved my life into a 4-bedroom suburban house in Omaha, Nebraska.  My husband was scheduled to be away for work for the first few months that I lived there.  In fact, we had purchased the house over a quick weekend trip, having never even visited Omaha before... because we were in our early twenties and that made perfect sense to us at the time.   For those first few summer months, I could be found frolicking around my new suburban neighborhood, mowing the lawn in my college shorty-shorts, and getting Applebee’s with the neighbor ladies who heard I had just turned 21 and wanted to take me out to celebrate.  The Applebee’s cocktail conversation included, “So when are you going to have kids?”

We lived in that house for several years and learned a lot from it.  My age at the time probably contributed to the situation, but after playing house for a bit, I realized that I didn’t like living in a single-family home in the suburbs (good for her, not for me).  It was a lovely home in a wonderful neighborhood, surrounded by the kindest people, but after hearing word that we’d be in Nebraska for many more years we decided to sell our big house and move into a townhouse downtown.   We prepped it properly, and it sold in 8 hours.

House Number Two. I absolutely loved living downtown.  I loved the proximity to the Farmer’s Markets and coffee shops and the “hustle and bustle” of the downtown vibe.  We danced around the living room with glee during the first snowfall as we watched the plows go to work on the parking lot. No more shoveling snow! God Bless You, HOA!  I also liked how people kept to themselves.  Maybe it was the isolation of growing up on 10 acres, but I definitely did not like having small talk with people in the ‘burbs every time I checked my mail, too much social anxiety for such a daily occurrence, don’t get me wrong, our neighbors were the kindest people.  A total “It’s not you, it’s me” situation.  In the city, people rarely made small talk, but you still get to co-exist and soak up their energy.  Win-Win.  I loved it.  Home Sweet Home.

Just Kidding.  You're Moving To DC in 6 Months.

With freshly painted walls that were barely a few weeks old, we learned the shocking news that we were, in fact, not going to be in Nebraska for “many more years,” but were scheduled to move to DC in six months.  (Cue:  We literally and I do mean literally JUST bought a house panic attack). I soon waved goodbye to my family, friends, and the “Knitting Needle Gray” walls that I had deliberated over for a ridiculous amount of time.

So off we went to the DC area, this time we chose an apartment and cringed and cried a little when we saw how much more expensive renting a one-bedroom, 650-square foot space was than our Nebraska mortgage(s), but I loved every inch of that tiny space.  It felt perfect for us.  We somehow managed to save quite a bit this past year, and although we loved our apartment.  We started going to open houses several months ago to get a feel for the broader area and the housing market,  and then took the plunge and hired THE BEST REALTOR EVER.   I mean it.  If you guys are looking to buy in the area, let me know.   After quite a bit of terse negotiations, he helped us to land our new place! 

House Number Three. A townhouse on the cusp of the “suburbs,” but walking distance to a bit of hustle/bustle. A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll; the perfect combination.  It has two bedrooms upstairs, an open living room/kitchen on the main floor, and a finished basement.  It feels insane to have this much space, almost weirdly wasteful.   For the first time in a year, I’ve had to shout, “Honey?!”  As in, “Are you home?  And if so, where are you!?” 

I’m sure my husband’s financial savvy soul aches when he thinks too much about our multitude of real estate purchases.  Unless you are flipping houses, you probably should NOT buy three houses in six years, but we did what we did, and life happened, and it has worked out..  Hopefully, this will be our last real estate purchase for quite awhile. 

Now please prepare yourself for a multitude of home décor posts.  Oh, I forgot to mention the fifth place I've been living, which is under a rock.  How have I never ordered from IKEA before?  If you follow my home decor Pinterest page, you'll see that there are definite "IKEA Hacks" happening in my near future. 


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