$175 Kate Spade Giveaway!


Today's post is short, but oh so very sweet.

if you know me, you know that except for the rare occasion, I really dislike shopping for clothes.  I especially dislike spending a lot of money on one or two items.  I grew up scouring the clearance racks so buying expensive clothes and accessories makes me feel ill.  In fact, the photo above was sent to my husband stating, "it's 40% off of the clearance price. Aka $20 for a $150 dress... I'm not convinced."

I also greatly dislike the rigamarole that comes along with shopping, especially the wide array of sizes that each store says I am. I shop so infrequently that I can never remember which stores say that I'm a large, medium, or super-petite-extra-small (those are my favorite).  If I were to someday be given a small fortune the first wealthy person perk I would have would be to hire a personal  shopper.

This brings me to do the great news! I am participating this week in the fantastic Helene In Between's Giveaway!  If you are like me, and love a great deal, then you should probably enter to win $175 to go towards your next Kate Spade splurge OR for your personal shopper's next splurge... And if you seriously have a personal shopper can you please ask them if the $20 Banana dress was a good call? ...I'm still not convinced

Happy Shopping! 


With the summer heating up, so should your wardrobe! I've teamed up with some lovely ladies to give you a chance to win $175 to Kate Spade. Enter in the rafflecopter betlow!

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