Open Closet Solutions.

My husband and I are from the midwest where houses, yards, and closets are BIG.  We don't need the big house or yard, but the closet situation at our new place definitely leaves one wanting more (see below: exhibit A and B in our master bedroom).  

Feeling inspired from a lengthy Pinterest binge, I felt that an "open closet" concept could be a really feasible solution.  My husband has really nice suits and shoes that would look cool displayed, and I'm sure I could find five things from my closet that aren't too old, tattered, and/or clearance Target clothes circa '07.  

I really wish my husband and I were handier than we are, and could weld together some chic rustic pipes or whip out some custom cabinetry from an old refurbished barn door or something, but it's just not in our wheelhouse. So prior to moving in, we popped into The Container Store and chatted with a lovely sale's associate that worked in the Elfa closet section.  She had a fantastic computer system that she used to draft a customized open-closet solution based on our specifications and measurements.  The computer system was actually really sophisticated and provided limitless options.   It's a bit of an expense, but Elfa has a big annual sale (supposedly) at the end of December, so that should help out quite a bit.  In the meantime, I'll continue to scour Pinterest and swoon over these open closet beauties, won't you join me?  One of the pictures below actually inspired the paint color for our soon-to-be-painted bedroom.  I know you love the grandmother Gertrude shade of blue, but it gots to go

Now, let's swoon.

All photos have been linked to their original sources, and nearly every sentence below begins with "I love."  A very strong word for closets, I'm aware.

I love how clean and white and perfect this closet is.  I especially love the shelf that goes all the way across the top and bottom, and the hat box.  I love that too.

I love the mix of usable options this one has, shelves, hanging space, and shoe/accessory spots. 

I love the random dresser that splits the colors.  We have a dresser that we'll need to incorporate into the design.  The lights are cool too.

The bottom shelf is perfect, as are the uniform storage bins above.  

Yes, Yes, and Yes.  Somebody, please give me three cacti (cactuses? Google said either is acceptable) and a bright red purse pronto.  I love this eclectic vibe.  I want to be this person's friend.  Actually, I think I might be.  Her name is Staci, and she has an amazing fashion blog coming to you soon.  (This is not Staci's closet, but it might as well be).

The only thing this one is missing is space for long hang*.  
*(Sidenote:  "long hang" That's some really technical jargon that I just threw at you.  Us in the biz use it to describe the open space needed for your maxi dresses or rompers to hang uninhibited). 

Maybe you wood like this option better?

I wish I had the extra space for this cute island, but I do love the photos on the shelf for decor and the fun light fixture. 

Our dresser looks similar to the little one, so this is just a good reference, plus I love the shelf and minimalistic vibe. 

I dislike the material of this closet, but it's a nice use of space and a good combination of lengths for your various needs.

This large mirror, and those drapes.

Once again, this is just to get an idea of the way the space can be organized.  Unless you think I could convince B of this color scheme?

We are going to have a large unused space where one of our actual closet doors will need to open.  I love this large typography print, and I have a pretty cute idea for what I want one to say for our space.  I also love everything else about this photo.  This is a room that an interior designer did for a teenage boy.  I want this to by my room.  I'm not sure how to take that.

Once, again.  If only we were welders or carpenters.  

Quick Story. One time I bought a corner shower caddy that reminds me slightly of this floor-to-ceiling pole.  I handed the box to B for him to assemble and after several loud frustrated shouts and a clamor of other random noises, he informed me that "the stupid thing is clearly missing a piece."   It wasn't.  I went upstairs and whipped it together in no time. I walked down the stairs and announced, "Fear not!  I was able to assemble the shower caddy!" This was said with such pride and obnoxious smug satisfaction.  I walked by B with the swagger of an Olympic champion.  I may have even moonwalked in my socks on the wood floor.  

The next day, while showering,  I set my loofa on the hook and the entire shelf came crashing down.  B immediately shouted from the other room, "Everything ok, dear?!"  his tone oozing with pure uninhibited glee.  I came out and said, "Stupid thing is missing a piece."

 It wasn't. 

 In summary.  We will wait patiently for the Elfa shelf sale and pay the extra installation fee.  

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