Here's $50.

Well, Hello friends.  

Has it been nearly 20 days since my last post?  Yes, Yes it has.  This month has been absolutely insane with work.  I've been churning out 12-15+ page reports several times per week for the last several weeks, and in doing so have had little to no mental capacity left to write, read, sleep, or exercise... and thus I'm going to be welcoming this pool season with a weary an awkward hello. 

Oh, Well. Such is life.  

Room Renovation. 

Last weekend was also a huge weekend for me.  I completed the room renovation for the little girl that I mentor. You might have heard me speak about the organization before here.  So that was a huge undertaking that consumed what little mental space and energy I had left.  I'll blog about the experience soon.  It was so amazing.  If you follow me on INSTAGRAM you probably saw a few sneak peeks of her room, and the before/after comparison!   In the meantime, with this weekly volunteer commitment wrapping up soon, I'm in search of new volunteer opportunities in the DC area.  Let me know of any that you love!

Another Year Wiser

I really really really don't won't to become a woman who dreads birthdays.  I've been around long enough to know that birthdays are blessings, and I happen to have a little blessing coming around the corner in less than a week.  Last week I shared the good vibes with you by hosting a birthday-giveaway with a fellow blogger, and I'm thinking I'm going to share the wealth again once more... so stay tuned.   In the meantime, join me in getting serious with exercise and ending May on a positive note.  To help you get started, here's $50 off your first months' subscription to ClassPass!  Click the picture below to redeem your $50.00

Let's chat soon.  I've missed you.




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