For the Love of Breakfast Burritos.

For my last birthday my husband and I were living in Omaha, Nebraska.  He had to work on my birthday, but he wanted to start the day on a positive note by taking me to breakfast.  My breakfast request?  The Wrapacodo.  (Found in the Old Market at Wheatfields.)   It had everything I loved in life wrapped into a lovely tortilla. 

If you happen to not live in Omaha, Nebraska, fear not.  You can experience the lovliness of the Wrapacodo at your very own leisure.  I've been making these on a semi-regular basis over the year, and I'm not one to brag, but I think my current combination might give the Wrapacodo a run for its money.  

Ingredient Breakdown. 

4 Eggs
2-4 Morningstar Original 'sausage' patties (chopped)  **You can find these in the freezer section of literally every grocery store**  Give them a try!!
1 red bell pepper (diced)
1/2 onion
1-2 jalapeño(s) OR 4 ounce can diced jalapeños f
1 avocado
1 can black beans (rinsed and drained)
FRESH cilantro
Green Onion
Olive Oil
Cheese.. if you so desire

Get After It. 

Makes:  4 decent sized burritos.   Takes:  20(ish) minutes. 

1.  Heat olive oil (medium heat), and then add Morningstar Original veggie "sausage" patties, red pepper, Jalapeno(s), and onion.  Cook at med-high heat until your veggies begin to soften.
2. While cooking, chop your FRESH cilantro (it's like $1.00 for a big bunch at the grocery store.. & makes all the difference), and the avocado and green onions. 
2.  Add black beans to your pepper/'sausage'/onion mixture.  Cook to heat through. 
3.  Start scrambling eggs in a separate skillet. 
4. Warm your tortilla(s).. I go the microwave route.
5. Assemble.  I lay down a base of salsa, add the pepper/sausage/onion mixture, and then top with green onion, cilantro, avocado (& cheese for the Mr.)
6. Close your eyes and pretend that you're sitting on a patio drinking from a clear coffee cup at Wheatfields in the Old Market in Omaha, Ne. 

Spice it Up. 

For this last batch, I didn't have fresh Jalapeños, but I happened to have this canned version in my cabinet.  I added probably 3/4 of the 4 ounce can, and the burritos were wonderfully spicy: 



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