Cherry Blossoms.


This year I experienced the Cherry Blossom Trees at the Tidal Basin in DC for the first time, and I was definitely not disappointed.  I read that one of the best (and least crowded) times to visit the blooms was at the crack of dawn.  We don't live too far away from the Tidal Basin, but at the crack of dawn we weren't in the mood to walk or bike the several miles.  Despite knowing that there are few available parking spots, we tried to drive there anyways and it ended up being quite the mistake. There wasn't any parking available for miles, so my husband ended up dropping me off and I walked around by myself taking pictures with my new camera.  It probably didn't help that it was predicted to be the "peak bloom" aka everyone and their mother had the same idea as me.  So for next year's planning purposes-- Do Not Drive. 

If you have a visit to the DC, The Tidal Basin, or are interested in planning a trip for the Cherry Blossom Festival next year, check out some of these great articles/resources: 

My husband dropped me off at the Tidal Basin before the sun came up, and it was already packed! I was shocked by the throngs of people and photographers all edging for the perfect view.  If crowds aren't your thing, next year you should check out the Washingtonian's article on Where Else to See Blooms around Washington

Even if you were to visit the Jefferson Memorial/Tidal Basin area during non-cherry blossom season, you would soon find that there are few dining options close by.  I made the mistake when my mom came to visit of hitting up the Jefferson Memorial as our last stop after a long day of walking... rookie mistake.  It's not the place for nearby nourishment, but there are some nearby options:  Where to Eat Near the Cherry Blossoms and National Mall

It's a shame that the flowers last such a short time, but at least now I have some photos to gaze at on gray days, such as these.  Here are a few of my favorite shots, enjoy!


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