<650 square feet. (and the one thing I miss).

When we moved to the DC area, we looked at apartments all over DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.  We were absolutely shocked at the cost of rent and the small amount of space that it gets.  Long gone were the days of four bedroom/four bath/three car garage Nebraska homes that were well within our budget.... and we weren't rich. 

Our search led us to a tiny <650 square feet apartment.  What we lost in space, we made up for in location.  We thought that it would be the best option for our first year here, and we were right.  It's a short walk to the metro, and a quick drive (or a long run) into DC.  I am still in awe when I set off for a run, and am soon jogging down the National Mall.   

Luckily we had purged every unnecessary possession prior to our big move, but even so, we still needed a storage unit.  At this point, I've completely forgotten about everything that sits waiting for us in storage.  Out of sight, out of mind.  

Except for one thing:  



We had purchase this beautiful reclaimed Emmerson Dining Table from West Elm right before we learned of our upcoming move and I miss it oh so much.  

B and I have made a few friends here, and I miss entertaining guests.  I miss sitting at a table for dinner each night.

Luckily, the condo we are renting is owned by a savvy man who extended the countertop.  While conducive for B and I, it's a little too quaint for a dinner party, "Come on over... I'll cook, but we have to take turns on who gets to sit while they eat." 

Our lease is over in July, and unfortunately I'm slowly (ever so slowly) coming to the realization that: 

a little more space + perfect location + affordability  (does not) = possible 

At least not for us non-millionaires. 


Would you sacrifice space for location? How small is too small?  Any DC/Arlington,VA folks that love a specific (and somewhat affordable) area?  Do tell!

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