Now. i'm a runner. (or at least I was for a week)

Back in December I did something extremely foolish.  I registered for a marathon....  A full marathon.

I've "ran" a few half marathons in my day, and a sprint triathlon or two, but every time I finish a half I've always thought to myself, "Nope. I have zero desire to double what I just ran."

So why the sudden change of heart?

Well, out of the blue this winter B registered for the DC Rock and Roll Marathon... If you remember, B is not a runner. In fact, I had to use major reverse psychology two years ago to get him to sign up to run a half marathon with me. He does kickboxing and he lift weights, but rarely runs.  So out of no where he registers for this thing, and although I have zero desire to run a full marathon, it has always been on my cliche bucket list to do so, but even more than that, I couldn't stand the thought that he was going to do a full marathon before I had.  See Below:

So I registered in December, and the race will be March 14th (Yes, that is in one week).  When I registered the weather had been so nice. Very unlike what I had been used to in Nebraska, and unfortunately I incorrectly assumed that it would remain about the same.  

I was already behind the training schedule when I registered, so I downloaded a training app to get on target, and began running for miles and miles. Prior to this, I had never ran a distance longer than 13 consecutive miles, but was doing a really good job adding additional distance to my runs. On these runs, I had plenty of material to fuel my mind (e.g., audiobooks, podcasts, fast tempo music); however I would bring nothing to fuel my body.

On one particular run, I took off for a 14 mile run without any water.  By mile 9,  I was so thirsty that I changed my route several times to drink from the bathroom sinks at monuments on the National Mall (because apparently the water fountains are turned off in the winter time), and by mile 11 I was So. Extremely. Hungry. that I considered getting an Uber to take me back home.  

So that night, I went home, read through reviews,  and then ordered two things that made me feel like a pretty legit bad@ss runner: 

The GU Chomps are fantastic.  They are basically caffeinated fruit snacks.  They totally helped to curb my running appetite, without the gag inducing texture of the liquid GU packs.  

I read through the reviews on different running belts, and although you have to wear it quite snuggly around your waist, this water bottle belt really doesn't bounce too badly, and there is plenty of storage space for the running essentials (i.e., phone, keys, snacks).  I even bought some new running shoes, because my ankles had been killing me. So at this point, I had my cool gear, my snacks, new sweet shoes, and had just pounded the pavement for over 16 consecutive miles on a weekend run.

and then winter happened.

It started to snow... and sleet... and the temperatures dipped below zero.. and I learned that they literally DO NOT clear the sidewalks here like they do back home.

So for the past three weeks I haven't ran.... AT ALL.. I've exercised regularly, but my kickboxing gym doesn't have a treadmill.  At this point, I've officially eaten my GU Chomps more as after work snacks, than I ever did for running.

Although I probably shouldn't... and although there is a huge possibility that I'm going to seriously injure myself by doing so, I'm still planning on running this thing.  "Running" being a very loose term. 

So please wish me luck, I'm going to need a lot of it!



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