Simple Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars

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After years of spending a lot of money on store bought protein bars, I wondered how hard making my own would actually be.  I found this fantastic recipe for no bake protein bars several months ago at  The recipe has been pinned over 4K times, so I felt like I was potentially in good hands... or I was about to be fooled like everyone else by her picture perfect photography.  Check it out.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed. 

I made a few minor substitutions, more so for my inability to find "coconut cream" at the grocery store.  Additionally, I decided to melt dark chocolate on top. I think I was more so going for a peanut butter cup that just so happened to have protein, rather than a necessarily nutritional treat. 

She recommends keeping them chilled in the refrigerator, but I think potentially due to the substitution of the cream for almond milk, mine got a little too soft for my liking in the fridge, so we keep them frozen.  I also add a bit more cooked oats to make up for the change in consistency. 


  • 4 3/4-5c quick cooking oats
  • 5 scoops whey protein of your choosing (I've used vanilla, but I also like it with chocolate) *Amazon Linked Images Below
  • 1c (chocolate or vanilla or plain)  almond milk
  • 1 1/3c peanut butter (the Skippy or Jiff Natural has a really good texture, I've tried other cheaper non-"natural" versions, and it always makes the bars a little too oily)
  • As much melted dark chocolate as your heart desires


  1. Stir the almond milk together well with your protein powder (mix well)
  2. Add the peanut butter (stir) and finish with your oats.  Depending on whether you use the coconut cream or milk, you might have to use your hands mix in the oats well..  A spatula usually does the trick for me.
  3. I lightly spray a glass pan with nonstick spray and then spread out the mixture.  
  4. The Dove dark chocolate (pictured below) is B's favorite, but get whatever you like best.  I melt about 6-8 of the little Dove cubes in the microwave and then drizzle it on top.  
  5. Let freeze, and then cut them into your desired size... They are pretty tough to cut initially, but as I mentioned, if you like to freeze your peanut butter cups, then you'll like these frozen too.  


B always has protein powder around, and this is what I've used most recently and really like: 

Happy Snacking!


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