Class Pass.

I recently shared with you that after moving to the D.C. area, my husband and I decided to opt for a different exercise experience and we signed up for a  30-minute kickboxing gym.  We both have really enjoyed exercising there and have seen pretty considerable changes in our physiques... and by that I mean he now has abs, and I lost a cup size... Such is life.  But, I digress.  

I do attribute these physical changes to our gym, but not necessarily for the reasons that you might expect.  Do they use a really great fitness formula? Yes, but a lot of gyms do the same.  The real secret is that.... we enjoy going. 

As I previously mentioned, I always thought that the people who claimed to love exercise were liars. Although I have  been active my entire adult life,  it hasn't been because I love it, but rather because I love eating fistful's of garlic breadsticks...and I dislike looking as though I eat said breadsticks.  After breaking out of my old routine and trying something new, I think that I'm finally starting to understand this affection towards fitness.  

For years I've been exercising in ways that I've learned were "the best."  The combination of cardio and strength training that typically result in running and then picking up heavy things and then putting them back down again.  If that is something you love, then that's awesome!  But, it wasn't for me.  I totally dreaded going, and therefore never really went consistently. 

Here's the deal, maybe your friend burns 700 calories in 30 minutes by 'wrestling bears' on a daily basis... and all over your newsfeed you see people going on and on about how wrestling bears is literally the best thing you can possibly do.   So you sign up, and it turns out that you really hate to wrestle bears.  It really doesn't matter how "great" of an exercise something might be, it's not going to be great if you dread doing it. You have to find the fitness that fits you. 

The Search Continues

Stepping outside of my exercise comfort zone to join 9Round worked out so well, that I thought I should continue to explore what other forms of exercise I might enjoy.   I knew that I wanted to check out various classes, but did not want to spend the ridiculous "drop-in" fees, so I recently decided to sign up for Class Pass.   Class Pass is a pretty interesting idea, and is available in most major cities.  You pay a monthly fee and are able to access any gym within the Class Pass network, and there are a lot to choose from (see DC area map below). I know my midwest friends might cringe at the price (as did I), but I've already been able to go to several Barre and Cycle classes where a single drop in class is $25, and a monthly membership is anywhere from $150-$250.  So I've already more than gotten my money's worth in just a few weeks.  As I try new things, I'll be sure to share with you my experiences. So if the perspective of an active, awkward, and uncoordinated person interests you, then stay tuned, my friend. 



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