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Sunday is usually when B and I stock up on groceries for the week. I thought I'd share one of the apps that I use most frequently.  The hubs and I share grocery shopping responsibilities, but it's probably more of a 70/30 split (him/me).  He and I have a grocery list that we share on our phones and alter each week.  It's so simple to add items, and then the app automatically sorts your list in the section where you'll find it in the grocery store.  I love that after you put an item in your cart, you just tap the item on your list and a red line crosses it out, but doesn't delete it completely.  It syncs in real time, so if I were so inclined, I could see B crossing things off the list as he did so. Last week I was still adding things as he was heading to the store.  

My favorite newly discovered feature is "Recipes."  You can add and save the ingredients of any recipe, and when it comes time to make your grocery list, you can either add individual ingredients from your chosen recipe, or hit "add all ingredients to list" if you are totally out-of-stock and the ingredients automatically show up on your grocery list.  See below: the icons with the little fork/knife were sent from "My Recipes."  You can also add specific notes below like, "Granola: I like the dark chocolate kind" or to remind yourself of a specific amount or brand that you need.  

Or you can go really bananas in an attempt to make your husband smile.. even though you know he will most likely just roll his eyes and be annoyed that you spelled "bananas" that way because it didn't show up in the correct "fresh produce" category. 



Happy Shopping!



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