The Evolution of HerBearings.

"Hold on, let me get my bearings..."
- My Mother

Back Story. Growing up I heard this phrase frequently.  As a child, I had no idea what bearings were, or why my mother would frequently be in search of them. I did however learn quickly that once this phrase was spoken, the expectation was to sit quietly until otherwise advised to speak.  Typically this was spoken when she needed a minute  (to put it bluntly) figure out where the hell she was, how she got there, and how to get to where she intended to go.

The Blog's Birth. This phrase seemed to fit well for the purpose of this blog's initial conception. The idea to create this space came to me as my intense and overwhelming 7 years of post-secondary education was coming to an end. I came to the realization prior to walking across my final stage that for all of my early adult life I had fervidly worked to reach a goal at the utter sacrifice of self-exploration.  I created this space as a commitment and accountability measure to myself to step outside of my comfort zone and to try new things with the additional perk that came with starting to write solely for enjoyment once again. 

Big Move.  I felt like I had a solid handle on my bearings when an unexpected occupational shift led to my husband, my dog (Georgie), and myself to make a major relocation. We had only ever lived in the midwest, but were sent packing to the hustle and bustle of the DC area.  During our big transition, I had taken some time away from blogging to throw myself whole heartedly into meeting new faces, and experiencing all that I could during our first year here.

Present Day. I thought recently about changing the name of this little space, but decided against it.  While initially the concept of this blog was partially to obtain some unrealistic concrete understanding of myself, it has helped me realize that life is nothing but a constant, beautiful, unnerving cycle of feeling for a moment that maybe you are pointing solidly in one direction, only to have everything shift once again. 

A bit more...
About Me.

  •  I'm from the real midwest (Missouri and Nebraska..and Iowa(ish)

  • I love coffee and wine (Note: not listed in order of preference)

  • I had bad insomnia for much of my life, but have been making up for lost time recently. Naps on Naps on Naps.

  • My husband's hot.  Sorry, he is.

  • I wish I was a Braverman (Parenthood).

  • I love the energy and feeling of invisibility that living in a city provides. 

  • I wish I was an artist. 

  • Public transportation excites me.

  • I'm a school psychologist by day, and an avid Seinfeld watcher by night... so expect references to the latter on the regular.

  • Sunshine and warm weather make me feel alive.

  • I've seen Andrew McMahon in concert too many times to count.

  • I go stir crazy when things are too routine

Cast of Characters:

My Pup

My Better Half

My New Backyard


Me.  Author of HerBearings

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At HerBearings you will find a variety of things grouped in loose themes that I hope connect with, entertain, or benefit, you in some way.

  • Health- vegetarian (I am one) recipes, exercise, mental health & wellness.

  • Travel- Expect a lot about the DC area-- there is SO MUCH I've yet to explore, and other travels as well

  • Style- Home decor, Pretty things, I'm no T.Swift, but my hub is a sharp dressed man

  • New Experiences- This will be a big one, I'm sure

  • Share-ables- Useful (or useless but entertaining) information

  • Beauty & Positivity- Kind words and uplifting stories

  • Writing Home- Life updates about all the fun and awkward and confusing things that being in your mid-twenties brings

  • Education/Kids- I don't have children, but I'm a school psychologist by day, so there's potential I might share a resource or two on occasion.